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Whether you need dog obedience training or simply want your dog to learn some new tricks and have some fun, our dog trainer can meet your needs. Schedule an initial consultation today.

Your Professional Dog Trainer

A dog’s love can enrich our lives, but, when your dog misbehaves, it can definitely be taxing. That’s when it’s time to consider hiring an experienced professional dog trainer. While there are dog training programs at some of the box stores, most of the time, they don’t produce the results you want due to all the distractions (other dogs, other people, all the things to smell, etc.). We only give you focused training for maximum effect.

At Pup’s & Paws Dog Training, we offer a variety of ways to train your dog. Our staff can come to you and work with you and your dog in as many sessions as you need to help you learn how to train your dog. We also provide drop-in training without the pet owner which gives you a combination of training and pet care. Virtual dog training sessions are also available in some cases.

We do not use punishment tools, such as prong/ pinch collars, electronic shock collars, or choke chains. Punishment tools like these are not only less effective than positive training methods. But they can also increase a dog´s fearfulness & aggression.

Some of the issues we can help you address with your dog include:

  • Leash training
  • Basic commands such as “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay”, “Off” “No”
  • Crate Training
  • No Jumping / Biting / Nipping
  • Potty Training
  • Recall / Come
  • Doorbell / Visitor training
  • Behavior problems
  • Early behavioral prevention & solutions
  • Advanced obedience: Off Leash training, Heel, etc.
  • Distraction Training, etc.

Whether you have a brand new puppy or an older pooch, our dog training method reinforces good behavior and helps your pup better understand your needs.

Schedule your dog training sessions today. You’ll love the results.

Why Call Pup’s & Paws Dog Training?

Our goal is to simply teach you how to train your dog on your own along with how to prevent or cope with any problem behaviors whenever they might arise.

With more than 7 years of experience training dogs, our staff has developed a core philosophy around dog training that is highly effective.

While humans and dogs have been living together for centuries, it’s important to remember that we are two different species. Based on that, our goal is to teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog and better understand your dog’s behavior. Learning how to read your dog and understand why he or she behaves a certain way is an essential component of our training.

Based on our training, we’ll help you build a better bond between you and your dog.

Other reasons to call us for dog training include:

  • We have a 100% success rate in as few as 4 sessions
  • Clients often see positive results during the first session/ meet and greet
  • Our staff is insured
  • We provide pet care as well as dog training
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Vanessa trained my dog Bono.
It was incredible to see what potential my dog has!
She also sent me alot of beautiful pictures and always kept me updated during my dogs board and train.
During the one on one training she gave me alot of advise on how to raise a dog.
Vanessa and her dog kiba are a true dream team!
Kiba calmed my dog down alot and they became great friends!
Me and Bono cannot wait to train with her again and looking forward to the next training session!
I am really amazed by the experience! 🙂

Lisa Hirschmann (Lizzy)

I’ve tried many trainers to work with my dog Gregor, no one has helped me nearly as much as Vanessa.

She truly understands a dog, their personality and needs. She takes the time to work with you to figure out the best solution for their personality and your dynamic. I’ve had trainers give me one size fits all solutions that just don’t work with my dog. I felt crazy. Vanessa took the time to observe and get to know us and provide suggestions that work for us and our family.

Vanessa takes the time to educate you on canine behavior and how your actions impact them. I’ve seen amazing progress with my dog and I attribute that to working with her.

Emma Passarelli

Vanessa is a great trainer, she is very patient and very communicative. She was able to train with a number of family members, teaching us each. The dogs loved her and looked forward to her coming each time. We are so happy to have chosen Pups and Paws.


We decided to adopt a puppy that is 8 months old. His behavior was not very good to the point of wanting to return it but we sought professional help. We found Vanessa and explained step by step how she could improve her behavior. In one of the classes, our dog was distracted and she was very honest and let us know that it was better to finish that class because she hadn’t made any progress and continue another day, not caring that she had to travel another day for another class. The dog changed a lot and she saw the potential that the dog could have. We recommend her for being so professional, punctual and specific, and for explaining to us how she was going to do her job. It’s amazing to see the changes our dog made in such a short time.

I would personally recommend Vanessa to anyone looking for some kind of training.

Tomas Rodriguez

Vanessa is an excellent trainer! Nana (my pup) was always excited to see her. She gives clear directions and assigns reasonable homework to reinforce the skills taught. I 1000% recommend. My puppy is a 100x better since finishing.

Marcia Frimpong

Vanessa was awesome with our pup & us. She helped us understand our pup’s needs better and ways to communicate effectively with him. The training sessions were well planned and worked wonders on our pup.
It was a pleasure working with Vanessa, would recommend any day.

Abhilash Menon

My eight-month-old Rottweiler was very reactive toward other dogs…pulling away from me, barking etc. After only four sessions with Vanessa, he is now doing great when he’s at the park, and I can even walk him offleash now. I highly recommend Pups and Paws to anyone looking for a passionate and experienced dog trainer.

Adam Younger

I absolutely love Vanessa she is amazing with the dogs, super sweet, and awesome with teaching you how to work with your dog! Highly recommend this place!

Tatjana Taylor

Had an absolutely great time working with Vanessa. She is very professional and insightful of not only what she is doing but why she is doing it.

She explains everything every step of the way, telling you the reasons behind it as well as how it goes along with the dogs psychology. Walking you through each step of the training so that you can continue on with proper reinforcement once she has left.

After just one session I am confident in her abilities as a trainer and also feel more confident in my own.

I personally would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone who is looking for any sort of training, from basic, behavior, or even advanced.

She has left little to no doubt in my mind that the trainer I chose is the one for me and my pup.

Clan Mudhorn

Vanessa is an amazing trainer!!! My dog Cairo has made so much progress since we reached out to her. She trains with you to make sure everything you’re dog learns, you can reinforce. I’m looking forward to Cairo not only being a good boy but a well trained dog. I would highly recommend her!

Gabrielle Clements

Other Pet Services

Besides dog obedience training, we also provide several other pet services including:

Dog Walking

Just like people sitting at desks all day, your dog needs to get up and move throughout the day. Let our staff take your pup on a 30 or 60 minutes walk. We’ll come get your dog and get some exercise in. Do you have more than one dog? No problem. We walk multiple dogs at the same time.

Home Pet Care

Let our staff drop in for a 30 or 60-minute session where we’ll walk, play and exercise your dog. We’ll change out the water and make sure there’s food. This service is available for dogs, cats, small pets (rabbits, hamsters, etc.), and even horses. Yes, horses.

Dog Agility Training

We have the expertise and training tools necessary to provide dog agility training. This is where we’ll give your dog a workout along with basic training, trick training, and even play games with your dog. It’s fun, interactive and will help your dog get much-needed exercise.

Virtual Dog Training

In a post-pandemic world, we’ve all had to get more comfortable with the virtual world. We’ll provide the same services for in-person dog training virtually along with basic nutrition suggestions and proactive advice to help you have the dog you’ve always wanted.

Dog wearing glasses with head on open book

Our Philosophy

We believe that dogs are an incredible benefit to society in so many ways. From service dogs to military dogs, there are countless examples of how the selfless love of dogs has improved and saved lives.

We believe that with the right training techniques, any dog can be taught to let go of unwanted behaviors. Through positive reinforcement, we can teach your dog better behavior. Let us help you live a happier life together with you and your dog.

It’s been said that we don’t deserve dogs because of the amount of incredible love they have for us. Let our dog training classes bring you and your dog closer.

Our Service Area

We have puppy parents that are thrilled with our results all around Atlanta including Norcross, Lilburn, Grayson, Snellville, Duluth, Suwanee, Flowery Branch, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming, Lawrenceville, Sugar Hill, Dacula, Buford, Auburn, and Peachtree Corners.

If you're ready for some effective dog training, contact us today for your first session. You'll love the results.

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