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Having a dog is a life-enriching experience. Our dog training assures that’s the case. Call us for a consultation today.

Dog Training That Helps You & Your Pup Bond

Looking for dog training in Peachtree Corners that can help your pet finally feel more like a part of your family? Whether you have a new puppy that’s ready to learn how to walk on a leash or you want to help your four-legged friend learn how to do some commands, Pups & Paws can help you.

With a proven track record of helping our furry friends to fit right into their homes and families, we are confident you’ll love working with our team.


Our Dog Trainers Empower Your Family

At Pups & Paws, we know just how important it is for your pet to have proper training. A dog that’s trained well is often more comfortable and at ease. They are also more likely to work together with you and your family to enjoy a higher quality of life. When it comes to dog training in Peachtree Corners, you will not find a more dedicated and compassionate team than us!

Choose the Dog Training Services You Need

Our dog training in Peachtree Corners is comprehensive, providing you with all of the tools and resources you need to help your pet with its challenges, as well as teaching basic commands. Check out some of the services that we offer through our highly experienced dog trainer.

  • Leash reactivity – help your pet to learn how to walk on a leash properly without the pulling and gagging they may be doing.
  • Jumping – if your dog jumps on people as they walk in the door or when approached outside, you’ll benefit from this type of dog training.
  • Doorbell and visitor training – you don’t have to give up having people come to your home when your dog learns how to react properly to visitors.
  • Potty training – is very important for new puppies and dogs with behavioral issues or past trauma. Potty training does not have to be a chore it feels like.
  • Recall and come – our dog training services include teaching your dog commands like come, so they listen when you give them a call to come to you at the dog park or anywhere else.
  • Commands – you can trust us to teach your dog all of their basic commands, including “sit” and “stay” as well as “no” and “down.”
  • Crate training – allow our team to help you to establish good crate training behaviors.

In addition to this, our dog training in Peachtree Corners also includes advanced obedience support. If your dog is ready for it, we will teach commands such as the heel. In addition, we can teach off-leash training and distraction training. Our team is here to help you with your pet’s specific needs.

Choose the Type of Dog Training Right for Your Family

Meeting with and working with our dog trainer is a process that you can use to fit just about any goal you have. We offer a lot of options to help you with the flexibility you need. That includes:

  • Dog training where we work with you, together to teach your dog new tricks and commands.
  • Dog training where you leave your dog with us, and we teach the dog commands without you present
  • Home pet care and dog training combinations are available for those who need that type of one-on-one support
  • Mobile dog training is available – we are happy to come to your location to help your pet learn.

Finding Positive Solutions for Your Pet’s Behavior
It is always beneficial to reach out to a dog trainer early on in your pet’s life. Just like people, dogs learn more effectively when they are young. Yet, even when a dog has a few behavioral problems or concerns, our team is still likely to be able to help. Our dog training service can help with early behavioral prevention but also with solutions to challenges you’re facing now.


How to Get Dog Training in Peachtree Corners

Why choose Pups & Paws for your pet’s training needs? Our dedicated, highly trained staff is committed to helping your pet to thrive. We have a core philosophy about dog training that’s designed to provide the very best results for your pet in a positive manner. Let us help you learn about your dog’s behavior and how to remain the leader of the pack. Give us a call today to learn more.

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