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What is Agility?

Agility is basically the most fun a dog and owner can have together. In the agility sport, the handler has a specified amount of time to teach their dog to safely navigate a series of obstacles in a preset order. The obstacles could consist of a dog walk, teeter-totter, weave poles, a chute, jumps, and more! We work with you and your dog to become familiar with this fun sport.

Since agility is a game requiring physical talent, control, patience, and, most importantly, a handler-dog partnership, success in the sport depends on good training. Accuracy is the primary necessity, while agility is a race against time in professional events however because this is an introduction, we don’t work on time tests.

Think of it as a chance to work with your dog on an obstacle course. We bring our mobile agility course to you and help you work to encourage your dog to complete the course. You may have seen agility competitions on TV. Ours is like that and we can make it as simple or complex as you like.

Fun for both you and your dog. Schedule a session today.

Dog Agility & Your Relationship With Your Pet

Pups & Paw philosophy is that a great agility trainer is based upon a strong foundation of fundamental abilities. We spend time at the beginning of your agility training to develop these skills using positive training methods and an emphasis on play.

From there, we move on to equipment and handling abilities once the fundamental building blocks are in place. Overlaying all of this is our desire to assist you in developing a strong bond with your dog, one in which agility develops into the ultimate game you can play with them, and you become the ultimate reward.


For dogs, agility is similar to a playground. Both purebred and mixed-breed dogs can participate in this popular dog sport. They are instructed in:

  • Weave back and forth through a set of standing poles (weave poles).
  • Dash through a tunnel.
  • Pause for five seconds.
  • Jump a variety of jumps, including a circle.

We can transport our agility equipment to your home or to a public park if you do not have a backyard.

Agility clubs hold these trials and tests, which are sanctioned by a number of agility organizations. These consist of:

  • USDAA – United States Dog Agility Association
  • AKC – American Kennel Club
  • ASCA – Australian Shepherd Club of America
  • UKI – UK Agility International

All these organizations permit any breed of dog (including mixed breeds) to compete in agility trials, and each has its own set of rules and regulations. Call us to introduce your dog to beginning agility training.

Why It’s Important to Train Your Dog

A well-trained dog contributes to a contented and peaceful home. Physical activity, mental exercise, and conversation are the three things a dog needs to be happy. The role of training in communication is crucial. Dogs must be aware of both the rules and who’s in charge. Lack of structure makes them easily confused, which typically results in undesirable behaviors. Your dog should be walking by your side when you’re out on a stroll, not six feet in front of you. By doing so, unneeded conflicts between other dogs will be reduced. Your dog should automatically wait for you to let him through a door when you approach one.

Your dog should ask you for permission before eating food that you drop on the floor and shouldn’t jump up on visitors when they are over. Ground rules will be established through basic obedience training, which will also help to remove undesirable habits while fostering positive ones. Communication will have been established when your dog realizes that while you are his friend and supporter but are still in charge. It’s true that a well-trained dog is a happy dog.

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