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The Dog Walking Service That’s Dependable

Although it is a terrific form of exercise, running around the backyard or visiting the dog park cannot replace nice long walks for your dog. They just cannot provide your dog with the same level of mental stimulation that comes from exploring the sights, sounds, and smells they encounter when out for a walk. When a dog walks, they are processing information about how their area has altered since their last walk, which helps them relax their minds.

Even the tiniest, pocket-sized dogs need to go for a walk. They don’t have to be carried around just because they fit in a purse. All dogs need to be taken for daily walks; the length of the walk should be tailored to the age, size, and energy of your dog.

Pups & Paws will personally create a walking schedule (usually 30-60 minutes each) that is appropriate for your dogs. More active canines will take a stimulating walk and return exhausted from their exercise. Most likely, he’ll want to rest until you get home from work. The majority of the visit will be spent walking; the remainder will be spent watering and rewarding your dog for a job well done with belly rubs and cuddles.

Older dogs only need to take a slow stroll around the block to relieve themselves and get some exercise. The weather and the scorching pavement will always be taken into account. For instance, during the sweltering summer, our short-nosed breed dogs will only take a brief stroll in your neighborhood.

Why You Should Use Pups & Paws to Walk Your Dog?

Fresh Air & Exercise
Dogs have a basic need for exercise. In the past, dogs would exercise while performing their “work,” such as watching over goats or herding sheep. To find food, their ancestors had to run and go hunting. Dogs must be physically active in order to satisfy a basic need and lead healthy, balanced lives.

Establish a Routine
A daily stroll for your dog might help establish a pattern for him and reduce any tension or anxiety he might have when left alone. Having a dog walker in the middle of the day will also offer them something to look forward to and lessen their boredom.

The Happiest Dog is a Tired Dog
A dog walk is important for them physically, but don’t overlook the mental advantages. Exercise helps people feel better overall and can reduce aggression and anxiety. Your dog might ruin the couch or your favorite pair of shoes if they don’t get enough exercise to burn off their excess energy.

When you need to travel, pet sitters and dog walkers will keep your dog company. This socialization also stimulates the mind, making the dog happier and healthier.

Personalized Care
Dogs have varied needs, and we tailor each service to meet your dog’s needs. From 20-minute dog walks to one-hour exercise excursions, we provide them all. The ‘working walk,’ when we move quickly to burn energy, and the leisurely stroll, where we take our time, stretch our legs, and take in the sights and smells of the outside world. Your dog will receive the walk that best suits its needs.

The opportunity to spend time with our client’s pets is the most rewarding aspect of being a dog walker. Every pet leaves a paw print on our hearts and grows to be a part of our family. We always look forward to spending time with your furry friend every day.

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