A Dog Training Miracle: Introducing The Martingale Collar

Taking Your Dog Training and Pet-Having Experience To A Whole New Level

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Whether taking your dog on a routine walk or guiding them through obedience training, a dog collar serves many purposes. This is why choosing the right dog collar will pay dividends and save you from many stressful mishaps that dog owners experience daily when taking their loving pets outdoors.

Over the last few years of working with different dog breeds, Pup’s & Paws has seen the pros and cons of many different types of dog collars but there is one that stands out the most in terms of functionality and that is….. The Martingale collar. 

Beyond just the design and style it brings to your dog, the quality features of the Martingale collar make it an innovative and cutting-edge product that many dog owners today are beginning to make the switch. Let’s take a look into some of the practical uses of the martingale collar.

The Perfect Complement to Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement training with martingale collar

The use of positive reinforcement in dog training is extremely important as detailed in last month’s edition. The Martingale collar is the perfect tool to carry out your dog’s training using painless and more humane methods. This feature is highlighted in its solution to one very common problem…

Dog Pulling On Leash When Out On Walks

This issue is one many of us dog owners can relate to. Taking your dog on walks should be one of the most soothing experiences of the day. However, it can often lend itself to one of the most stressful experiences when our dogs lose focus, are disobedient, and begin to tug on their leash.

Pup’s & Paws works extensively with clients to help resolve this issue. By reinforcing good behaviors and executing a tailored game plan with consistency, our clients have seen tremendous results.

But you must be asking, “Where does the Martingale collar fit into this equation?”. A great question indeed. The Martingale shines in countering the problems that plague what should be a wholesome experience with your dog.

Preventing Your Dog From Slipping Out Of Their Collar

The Martingale collar consists of two loops – one larger loop that goes around your dog’s neck and a smaller loop that tightens when your dog pulls, preventing escape or backing out of the collar.

It doesn’t take much space for your dog to slip out of their collar. The pulling and tugging motion dogs do is to initiate space within the collar for slippage. The Martingale collar tightens in circumference, securing itself right behind the ears when your dog attempts to pull. This makes it impossible for dogs to pull out of the collar.

Not to mention that there is an extra lock on the Martingale buckle that provides extra security. The Martingale collar pulls out all the stops when it comes to the issue of collar slippage, but it also provides a solution to another problem that pains us dog lovers to no end.

Choking On The Collar

It can be very stressful and nerve-wracking when a dog pulling on a collar results in choking themselves. Not only does this hurt the dog and create a negative experience in their minds, but it is also terrible when attempting to positively reinforce their behaviors. 

Martingale’s two-loop feature is meant to counteract this dilemma. The first loop is designed to only tighten at the circumference of your dog’s neck. So no matter how hard your dog pulls, any discomfort from the collar would be non-existent. 

The Martingale Collar’s Effect On The Pup’s & Paws Family

This collar has been a game changer in its effectiveness for training. At Pup’s & Paws, it is the only collar we use when working with dogs and a foundational tool for our training. Many of our clients have reported positive experiences when using the Martingale. 

One of our clients here at Pup’s & Paws, Ashli Jeter, was having issues with her dog Bleu slipping out of his collar. Here’s what she had to say after making a switch to the Martingale: Dog in Atlanta with Martingale Collar

The Martingale collar has made it much easier for us to train our dog, Bleu. It’s also a lot better than a normal collar where he can slip out of it easily. With the Martingale collar, he’s been unable to slip out the collar at all.”   

Ashli isn’t the only member of the Pup’s & Paws community that has reaped the benefits of the Martingale. Luiza Chelaru, another member of our family only uses the Martingale collar to care for her dogs and the dogs she can be seen working with at the dog shelter:

Pup's & Paws dog training client review


We only trust Martingale collars for our shelter dogs, and my personal dogs as well. We know they’re the most reliable tool to keep dogs safe and secure, especially in high-stress and unfamiliar environments.”

It confirms how powerful the Martingale collar is when Luiza, an expert on dogs herself, vouched for it as the only collar she uses.

As a part of our training process, the martingale collar is the only collar used by us at Pup’s & Paws for the reasons both Ashli and Luiza described. Because of our strong belief in using positive reinforcement during training, the Martingale collar had become the obvious choice to support that method.



The Martingale collar holds advantages over the other types of collars such as the most common choke and flat collars. Because Martingale collars are designed to offer gentle control, they are highly recommended for positive reinforcement training and day-to-day outdoor activities.

At Pup’s & Paws, our personal favorite Martingale collar is The FunTags Reflective Martingale collar. One that is not only gentle and provides the same benefits discussed throughout this post, but also convenient for us owners. With highly reflective threading, this collar makes it safe to use for nighttime walks. 

So there you have it! If you haven’t considered it already, the Martingale collar is your ticket to an enjoyable and constructive walk around the neighborhood with your best friend. If you are experiencing issues with your dog pulling on its leash, reach out to us at Pup’s & Paws to schedule an appointment

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