“This summer we added a new member to our family, Scout, the golden puppy! She joined our 10-year-old dog, Turbo! Turbo is just about the sweetest, gentlest dog you could meet. But bringing someone with high energy into the mix like Scout, who is all puppy, all fun, and all ready to mix it up every day, gave Turbo some pause.

We contacted Vanessa at Pup’s & Paws Dog training to help us smooth out some of the rough edges and come up with a plan to make everyone’s life better.
Vanessa came out and met us at our house and we immediately knew she was the perfect fit for our family based both on how she treated her new client, Scout, and how she also made sure to soothe Turbo at the same time! Just our kind of thing!

Vanessa taught Scout and us, some of the basics to bring some order to the chaos.
After practicing this at home, we decided to try the new board and train program for a more immersive experience. Scout got home last night with a bunch of new skills and Vanessa did a house call this morning to show us how to support a smooth transition, how to extend Scout’s lessons, and how to be the best practitioners of dog training skills!

This is Turbo and Scout having a good nap while I work in my home office. Two good girls!

Vanessa, thank you so much! You have just the right amount of structure, careful attention, clear direction, and an absolutely amazing amount of knowledge!
-Allison, Sean, Clifton, and the pups”